The British Empire has long been ridiculed and scorned because of its public support to homeopathy, a treatment which many experts consider as quackery. With a lot of individual supporters not only in the United Kingdom but also in many countries around the world, homeopathy has found its way to sensational media and has been patronized by many individual supporters.

The treatment has been too mainstream that it claims to have cured not only diseases but even symptoms. Vertigo is one of the symptoms it has cleared. Research agency providing relevant information and reviewing scientific studies on alternative, complementary and integrative medicines, The Peterson Group, has had reports on the popularity of homeopathic vertigo treatments showing 60% effectiveness claim.

For patients experiencing vertigo, they may feel sensation of spinning and whirling that is resulted to the disturbance of the equilibrium or balance. They may also experience dizziness, lightheadedness, faintness and unsteadiness.

Vertigo is triggered by motion sickness, vestibular neuritis which is caused by an infection of the middle ear or vestibular migraine. Medical experts would prescribe a good night’s sleep and ample amount of rest. However, homeopathy insists that you get a lot of homeopathic treatment (Warning: the treatment varies depending on the age of the user. To know which medicine specifically suit you, you may ask an expert or contact us)

  1. Conium

This treatment is perfect for a vertigo caused by too much tobacco use. Symptoms include a sensation when a person looks at a person as if it moves into a circular motion. The patient may also experience vertigo climbing the stairs, sitting down or turning over in the bed.

  1. Bromine

This treatment can cure vertigo showing symptoms of sensation when you are looking in the water.

  1. Iron

Low red blood cell count can also account to vertigo. To be able to cure this, iron should be given to the patient. Just make sure that this is the case. For assurance, you can contact the nearest homeopathic expert.

  1. Cocculus Indicus

“Cocculus Indicus” is a commonly prescribed homeopathic remedy for vertigo in the regions of Bangkok, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia. It is best used when one’s nausea and dizziness are exacerbated by riding in a moving car or train. It is the premier herb for motion sickness caused by motion. Digestive troubles may accompany symptoms. You’ll know that Cocculus is for you if, looking out the car window, or out from a boat to the moving water, you suffer swift nausea. Simply, you can’t look at moving scenes.